Art Therapy In Schools


When a child has emotional difficulties this can impact their learning and have a knock-on effect on the class as a whole, as well as learning. Relationships can be difficult with peers, teachers and carers.

The creative therapies can help a child’s psychological, emotional, educational, social and physical development. Art therapy can help improve behaviour, raise achievement, encourage attendance, and help children take part more fully in school life. Therapy in schools can be very beneficial to children as they are already in a safe school environment.

What I would need;

  • A safe, contained room, consistently available and free from interruption.
  • Access to a sink and running water.
  • Liaison time with key staff and carers.
  • Liaison time with other relevant professionals.

I have regular safeguarding training and hold a level one certificate. I have experience of liaising with the safeguarding representative. I complete regular CPD in accordance with HCPC guidelines. I hold a roaming DBS allowing me to work in any school setting.

If you are a school in need of a professional, experienced Art Therapist, take the first step and contact me.