Clay Art Therapy


Clay is a sensory art medium. To touch it connects us to the earth as it is produced from the silt of ancient river beds. It can remind us and connect us to our childhood selves, delving in the soil and making mud pies. It can be moulded, pressed, stretched, shaped, pounded and manipulated allowing the person using the clay to release tension. Its cool surface can be smoothed, and stroked, soft to the touch. As a person smooths the clay it can feel that they are tending to a part of themselves that needs that care. It can be built up and broken down as the user wishes to work through and resolve thoughts and feelings. It can be fired and made into a concrete object to be kept and thought about.

Because of it’s particular therapeutic qualities I offer art therapy sessions using clay for both children and adults either at my therapy space or in schools.


It should be noted that due to the sensory nature of the clay it may not be the right medium for all clients.

If you are considering Art Therapy for you or your child, take the first step and contact me. From there I can answer any questions you may have and advise the best course of action for you particular needs.